Love to Shop Online?


Bubble wrap, peanuts and sealed air are just a few examples of the packaging waste that is increasing with the growth of online shopping. We know that Livermore residents love to recycle, but many of us mistakenly “wishcycle” or put items in the recycling cart that don’t belong. This has a negative effect on the recycling process.

Let’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Right! 
First, try to reduce & reuse packaging whenever possible. Before you buy, considering whether you need the item and if you can buy locally. If you buy, try to reuse packaging (e.g. ice packs from a meal kit).

Second, sort packaging into the right cart. When you get a package, separate and look at the materials you have, then put them in the correct carts: 

Blue Recycle Cart

  • Cardboard & paper wrap: Break down cardboard box first
  • Plastic wrap, bags, deflated plastic sealed air/bubble wrap: “bag in bag” first (see Tricky Item below)

Gray Garbage Cart

  • Styrofoam blocks & peanuts
  • Padded envelopes with bubble wrap

Tricky Item: Bubble Wraps, Sealed Air, Plastic Wraps & Bags

Plastic wraps and bags go in the Blue Cart, but first deflate the sealed air or bubble wrap, place all loose items into one clear plastic bag and tie it closed: “bag in bag”.


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